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In this are you can find historical maps, nautical charts and asterisking maps from Africa, America, Asia, Europe, and much more…

I made most of the maps smaller, for short loading times. But you can enlarge all maps by clicking on them. [„1“] shows the number of the maps. 


City maps [ 39 ]


Historical maps – part 1  [ 23 ]

World map of Ebstorf (by 1240)

Map of Asia(Middle 16th century)

Map of Netherlands (1570)

Map of India and the south-east-Asian island world (1570)

Map of Cyprus (1573)

Map of Ethiopia (1573)

Map of the Church-state(um 1600)

The Origin of the Rhine (Beginning 17th century.)

Map of Germanien at the time of the Romans(1630)

Map of Virginia (1630)

Map of Netherlands (1622)

Map of Africa (1631)

The development of the sea names at the middle-American land bridge (1633)

The sea ways south of Middle-America(1633)

Map of Utrecht (1695)

Villefranche-sur-Mer (17th century.)

Wismar and surroundings (by1715)

The Are of Erfurt (1716)

Map of areas at the Caspian sea (by 1720)

Map for the history of Upper-Saxony in the Middle Ages (1732)

Nautical chart of the Norwegian coast (1739)

Map of the territory of Merseburg (by 1740)

The city Gotha (by 1730)




Historical maps – part 2  [ 24 ]

South- and East-Asia (1527)

The world map of the modern maps in Strasburg’s Ptolemaist (1513)

Africa in the oldest world atlas (1570)

Duchy Milan (1570)

The idea of the arctic region (1595)

Nautical trading Chart Indian Ocean (1597)

Map of the Roman Britannia (1595)

The Magalhaesstreet in the atlas of Mercator-Hondius (1606)

Map of China (1606)

Map of Ruegen (1608)

The Moluccas on a Dutch map (by 1620)

The Knowledge of Brazil (1633)

Map of Guyana (1633)

Map of America (1630)

Map with lots of coats of arms from Piemont (17th century)

Province Salerno (1640)

Map of the Kingdom of Valencia (1640)

Map of North Asia (1640)

Map of the Balearic and Pityusic Islands (1642)

Map of Sicily and Sardinia (second half of the 17th century)

Area between Asia and Australia on an English nautical chart (about 1670)

Map of Jan Mayen (about 1693)

Map of Greece (by 1778)

Map of the northern starlit sky (1661)



Historical maps- part 3  [ 24 ]

Bohemian (1545)

Part of the Indian Ocean by Ptolemaist

Northern Europe (1532)

City map of Augsburg (Middle 16th century)

Russia (1562)

Tuscany by Buonsignori (1584/1595)

Coast Bretagne from the sea atlas from L.J. Waghenaer (1584/85)

Black sea in antiquity from A. Ortelius (1590)

Tremiti-Islands by Natale Bonifacio

Lake Geneva (1605)

Alexandria in the time of osmanian rule

Map of Prätigaus by  H. C. Gyger (1634)

Arctic region from Janszoon’s "Atlas Novus" (1638)

County Nizza by N. de Fer (1693)

Diocese Merseburg (about end of 17th century.)

Bautzen (Beginning 18th century.)

Brandenburg (by 1720)

Breisach and Neuf-Brisach (1743)

Part of the Finnish sea bosom on a nautical chart of the 18th century.

Area of Cairo from the middle 18th century.

Office map by A. F. Zürner (1760)

Map for the origin of the Trollhätta-Channel

Map of the navigation ways in the Atlantic ocean (1782)

Part of the Mecklenburg sea-plate in the map factory in Schmettau



Historical maps - part 4  [ 24 ]

Indian Ocean (1547-1576)

World map (1511)

World map (1544)

Sumatra (1544)

Are between Egypt and Palestine (1532)

Pacific Ocean (1590)

Asia (1570)

Africa (End 16th century)

Northern Europe and North Atlantic (1570)

Saxony (1568)

Oberlausitz (1593)

Coast of Northern Portugal (1584)

Coast of Europe and North-West-Africa (1660)

Virginia and Florida (1606)

Area of Erfurt(1675)

Italy (1631)

World map (1648)

Black sea (Middle 16th century)

Sardinia und Sicily (1578)

North- and Middle America (1694)

Mexico –environment map (1785)

Ceylon (Middle 18th century)

Delfland (1712)

South Tyrol (1762)



Germany and Europe  [ 7 ]

Germany at the time of the saxonian and Frankish emperor

Germany in the 15th century

Fries land

Population of middle Europe by 895

German north and east-sea rule in the 14th and the beginning of the 15th century.

The Nazi Germany 1937




Mecklenburg and the island Rügen  [ 11 ]

Mecklenburg in the Ortelius-Atlas (16th century)

Rügen by Lubinus (1608)

Rügen - derived Lubinus-map (17th century)

Mecklenburg by Tileman Stella (1552)

Mecklenburg- extract (1576)

Rostock- view(1586)

Mecklenburg- extract (by 1700)

Mecklenburg- extract (by 1764)

Mecklenburg- extract (by 1780)

Rostock- city map extract (by 1780)

Doberan (1877)

Rostock (1993)



Maps for the history of Bavaria  [ 5 ]

Huldigungsumritt“ of  Heinrich II.

Without Name

The political situation in Europe in 1610

Distribution of Religion in Europe at the time of Friedrich V.

Languages in the empire



Maps from the Ortelius-Atlas  [ 23 ]




Belgia Antiqua




Flandern 1


Flandern 2






Castell Britanicum




Fries land 1


Fries land 2





Maps of Great Britain [ 13 ]

History of Cartography (I)  [ 6 ]

History of Cartography (II)  [ 2 ]

History of the Country in the 20th century
 [ 1 ]

Earth  [ 5 ]




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